Barling Footbalers In Field

Submitted by Anne Holmstead in New Zealand. Her comments follow:

I have also attached another group of people photo taken in a field. Mum has also written on it to be Barling (she would have been told this by Grannie and Granddad). Do you recognise the buildings in the back ?


It looks to be the same era as the football team photo, in fact it is possible it was taken on the same day. The photo paper and finish is exactly the same. Granddad is lolling on the right front with a cap on. We do not yet know who all the others are. I am guessing they are Holmstead family members but not sure. Maybe they are just friends or neighbours. I noted however that the chap left front of the ‘field’ photo is also in the football team photo (middle row at right). In the ‘field’ photo, he is still wearing his football uniform and laced soccer boots. Another younger chap at the back of the field photo is also in soccer gear and is in the soccer team photo (front row, second from left). I have my sleuthing hat on and will find out some day who they all are.