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Hello to everyone who attended a great village school in Essex, called Barling Magna. My name is Geoff Bell, some of you, I hope will remember me. Just in case you are not to sure, I was the good looking hunk, blond, blue eyed and tanned, with the body to die for. Well some of us need to dream.

I now live in Africa with my wife, you can find more about Yvonne, my wife and myself at a Web site I have put together after contact was re-established with Paul Abercrombie and Peter Griffiths. Click here to go to this site. (

I thought I would try and get old school friend to dig out pictures and some stories, when we were all innocent of the ways of the world and scrumping on the way home was about the worst anyone ever did. (I never got caught.)

So up in the loft you go, or down in the cellar, whichever the case, and find that memorabilia that we can all enjoy again.

A list of all the girls and boys about our age, where they are now, and any form of address would be great, Email addresses being the most preferred. I will publish all that I get so everyone can communicate as they wish. See Addresses



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