Great Wakering Secondary School Teachers Spring Term 1959


Back Row

1 Mr Tommy Davies (Woodwork and Technical Drawing)

2 Mr John Edwards (Physical Education, English and Religious Instruction)

3 Mr Ted Rye (History, General Science and Rural Science)

4 Mr Peter Griffiths (Trainee Teacher)

5 Mr John Timlin (English and Religious Instruction)

6 Mr R Horsnell (Geography and Art)


 Front Row

1 Miss Chadderton (Physical Education)

2 Mrs Dorothy Huntley (Deputy Head, English, Needlework, Music and played the    piano at morning assembly)

3 Mr John Prince (Headmaster)

4 Mrs Mary Ratcliffe (Mathematics and Domestic Science)

5 Mrs Ethel Peters (Shorthand and Typewriting)

6 Mrs Souter (Secretary)