Reunion 2002 Page Six

Presentation Ceremony


This morning (Tuesday 19 November 2002) a group of friends and former pupils of the "old" Barling School attended the "new" Barling School for a Presentation Ceremony.  The friends and former pupils that attended included Dawn Mumford, Valerie Mott, Graham Ridley, June Mott, Vi Mitchell, Betty Deadman, Roy Richards, John Pavelin and Paul Abercrombie. The Ceremony was to present a cheque (of 161.27) to the "new" School, these monies representing the surplus funds from the Reunion - held at the new School - last July. The School will spend this money on purchasing grasses, shrubs etc. to assist with the landscaping of a small area at the rear of the School. The head teacher (Mrs S Taylor) invited us back to inspect the work once it was completed next year.

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This afternoon (30/04/2003 at 2.15) the results of handing over the surplus monies from the Reunion (of last July) to Barling School could be seen and inspected.
A brief ceremony was undertaken by the Vice Chairman of Rochford District Council, Councillor Richard Amner, to 'open' five small areas at the rear of the school that have been landscaped with various grasses and cockleshells to reflect the nature and character of the surrounding area. The cost of the landscaping was paid for by the Former Pupils and Friends of the old Barling School and by School Funds. 

In Attendance were  Mrs S. Taylor (Headteacher Barling School), certain members of School staff and pupils, and representatives of the Former Pupils and Friends of Barling School (these included, Betty Deadman, Val Mott, June Mott, Pearl Mumford, Dawn Mumford, Bill Pavelin, John Pavelin, Graham Ridley and Paul Abercrombie). The Press was represented by the Southend Evening Echo and the Southend Times. 

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