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Hi everyone,

I started these Pages related to the 2000 reunion, but it has become clear there is much more that that one item that can be placed on the Site. So please tell me about what has happened to anyone of us from those days, when we were at school. Or anything else that you consider would be of interest to others.

I will email anyone, who wishes, when there are updates to this site, so if you would like  me to made you aware of such updates, please send me your email address. My email is or just press here to go directly to your mail program. Please indicate if I can add your address and detail to the Addresses Page, so others can contact you directly.

Added on Sunday ,October 29,2000.
As you can see I have added the 1998 and 1999 reunion pages. But I do not have any pictures or stories to add, so please send all you can so we can all enjoy the occasions, even if unable to attend in person.

Added on Wednesday, November 1,2000
Thanks to Janet Claydon (nee Collicutt), we have some pictures from the 1996 reunion. 

Added on Thursday, November 2, 2000
Outlines are being added for easier identification of the people in the "Who and What" page. Help us to find out the occasion, related to the photos, and who everyone is.

Added on Friday, November 3, 2000
There are some extra photos added to Reunion 2000. I have also heard from Barbara Stride (nee Bush) in New Zealand. She was looking for a Web site about Great Wakering. I have proposed we add another section for Great Wakering. But I was wondering about other villages in the area, would they like to be included. Please write to myself with your thoughts on this idea. Mail Geoff.

Added on Saturday, November 4, 2000
Thanks to Val Ridly (Mott), we have the names of three people in Reunion 2000, Top row, third picture from the left. (The long thin one)

Added on Sunday, November 5, 2000
The site has been totally revamped. Even the entry point has been changed but the expansion to cover other aspects made all this necessary. So to those who have been following the developing of the site will have to find their way round again. Hopefully I have now used a layout that will enable future additions without the need for such major changes.

Barbara Stride (nee Bush) has sent many photos about Great Wakering as well as some personal information. The personal information can be found at    

See also the three pictures at the bottom of Barling, The Past 2 these where provided by Dawn Bailey (nee Mumford). We need help to identify the people in all three. 

Added on Friday, November 10, 2000
Not a great deal specific to today, but over the past week many names have been added and corrected in the following Barling Pages. My Class, Reunion 2000, The Past 1 & The past 2.

Also there are magnificent photos added to the opening Page of Barbara & Kens Pages.

A little sound has also been added, I hope you like.

Added Friday, December 15, 2000
Please see the Page related to Miss Riley's first class at Barling school.
There are also four new photos added to The Past 1. Two have Norman Snow and the other two, the Red Team and Barling Youth Centre.
There are also a number of corrections, wrong names given in photos and many more name added to photos as people tell me who is who.

I believe I am up to date with all the information I have been sent. So over Christmas how about finding some more photos and I still have not received any interesting stories to publish, about things that happened in Barling and surrounds.

Added Friday, January 19, 2001
Many names have been added, help is still need with some names, either the first name, or complete name. The Pages effected are The Past 1 and The Past 2 The photos effected are, Red Team, Barling Youth Centre Float from The Past 1 and Prize giving, Miss Riley 1948/9 from The Past 2.

We have Dawn Bailey (nee Mumford) and David who visited Olive and Bernard Cooper, that sat down and added more names than we have ever had before, also Peter Griffith and Paul Abercrombie who continue to provide additional names, photos and outlines for the photos.

Added Sunday, March 25, 2001
There is a new Page added, Photographs from the Past 3 There are four photos so far, all from Mrs. Williams who use to live near High House Barling. Her three children where Mary, now living in Leicester and Carole and Trevor in Western Australia. I hope they all see their mothers contribution to the Village Pages.

There is one picture that is a memory of World War II, it is an amazing photo of a Germany aircraft, looking totally intact. Does anyone know more about this picture, I am sure many would like to know more details.

Added Thursday, April 12, 2001
The Miss Riley page has some further additions. The presentation of a Green Picnic table in memory of Miss Riley to the New Barling Magna School.

Added Monday, April 16, 2001
Well this update excels itself. Primarily as a result of Sheelagh Chapman who supplied the photos.

The Little Wakering Page has been changed to Pages with two additional pages added, one a History  and the other a May Queen. 

There are also four changes/corrections/additions to the following photos names. 1). Reunion 1996, Top row, middle picture. 2). Reunion 1996, Bottom row, right hand photo. 3). The Past 2, Bottom photo. 4). The Past 1, Second row, right hand photo.

Added Friday, April 27, 2001
Well we have a new Link added to the Villages entry Page. It is very interesting and comprises of Postcard from "Way back". Peter Griffiths found the Site for us. There seems to be a few enlargement problems on some cards, but it is still well worth while having a look.

All the photos on The Past 3 have had names added. Most as a result of the Pub get together where everyone was able to have their input. The photo of the German Aeroplane had the names supplied by John (Taff) Cornwell of Mucking Hall Road. Mrs. Williams was able to confirm these names as well.

Also added, thanks to Paul, are four pictures of Southend taken in 1960, One is an aerial view of Vic Circus that really takes one breath away to orientate oneself to just walking around the area.

Added Sunday, June 10, 2001
We have added three more May Queen photos with almost every name, quite an achievement after all these years. Also added is a photo of Ivy House in Little Wakering. This house is now recorded only in memories and photos as it was demolished a few years ago.

There is also two photos taken about 1900 of families and one of ladies working in the fields in Great Wakering.

Added Monday, June 12, 2001
Three more photos have been added to History 2 in the Little Wakering section. These have all been provided by Olive Bradbury.

Added Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Lots of corrections to names related to photos thanks to Dawn Bailey, plus some additions. Also a new page thanks to a photo supplied by Norman Snow, related to a get together at the Castle Inn. (I have added to the Barling section although it could have just as easily been under Little Wakering.)

Added Thursday, August 9, 2001
Well my wish came true, and I received more pictures of Norm Snow's visit to the Castle Inn Little Wakering. So go and have a look at these pictures and enjoy the reunion that took place, at least in sprite. (No not alcoholic)

Also the Event Page has been updated by Paul Abercrombie, so see if you can get to the next get together my putting in your dairy early before all the other events take the day.

Added Sunday, October 28, 2001
We have some additional people now viewing our pages, also one has already provided some interesting pictures of the Millhead Brickfield. Also a complete page devoted to the Castle Inn from pictures provided by Irene Webb.

Added Saturday, January 5 2002
Two photos of Southend Pier have been added, taken about 1900, these have been provided by Betty Coleby (nee Mitchell). You will find them in the Surrounding Area.
Next we have the old Barling Windmill in it's working days, this picture was provided by Olive Bradbury, it is to be found in Barling The Past 3.
Finally we have a picture of Little Wakering Hall taken in 1915 and provided by Olive Bradbury. This can be found in Little Wakering History 2
Please also note that the Diary of Events has been updated and also moved to a more suitable Menu access point.

Added Sunday, January 20 2002
At the get-together on Saturday 19th January 2002, Cherry Tree pub Stambridge, Betty Dobson (nee Deadman) added and corrected many names related to the three Reunions. These additions/correction were speedily sent by Dawn Bailey the same evening and have now be entered into our Website.

Added Thursday, February 28 2002
There have been a number of name corrections and additions plus a new Page under Barling The past 4. This later item is a direct result of pictures being provided by Lynne Marshall.
Les Gilkes Provided some extra names and also  Graham Wilkinson, who along with Janet Bradley (nee Murrell) made contact since the last update and have been added to our mailing list. 

Added Sunday, March 17 2002
There has been two further pictures added to Barling The past 4 being provided by Lynne Marshall. There is also one correction and one possible change to the Barling Youth Club, these have been provided by another new contact Jill Mcreynolds (nee Bacon), Jill now lives in the United States.

Added Sunday, March 24 2002
First I would ask that you always enter the site via and then select Essex Villages, as that way you will see any special notices that have been inserted.
We have two new photos added, one in Barling The past 2 and the other in Little Wakering History 2
We also welcome a further new contact Michael Prior who has supplied some additions for the site that I will endeavor to add within the week.
One last aspect, a new Link has been added to Essex Villages, who contacted me during the week requesting that our site been made a Link from their site, I in tern added the complimentary Link.

Added Sunday, March 31 2002
Well we have quite a few additions this time, Four photos for Great Wakering School  provided by David Bailey, and from Michael Prior one photo and one Water color added to  Barling The past 3. A further photo to the Castle Inn page, please read the notes page selectable from the top of the Castle Inn page, Castle Notes and finally a photo taken in the back garden of Michael's parents house, History 2.

Added Monday, April 15 2002
Well there is lots of new photos this time, in fact a new page dedicated to the Gilkes family. Les supplied a history in pictures dating back to before he was born. The Gilkes Family can be found in the Little Wakering section. Michael Prior, with the help of his sisters provided some Barling School photos, plus Peter also gave us two more Barling school entries.

Added Sunday, May 26 2002
We have a new member to our ever growing group, Ray Beadell, who I welcome on behalf of the crowd.
An additional picture has been add the Great Wakering School Page, this was provided, via Dawn & David Bailey, by Michael Burles previously living in Twyford Avenue Gt Wakering.
I also had a personal matter that I would like to share, my cousin Richard made contact with me 45 years after we last met, thanks to Dawn Bailey who he bumped into, of all places, The Little Wakering Church Yard.
I have some further updates and corrections, but need to get back to the originators for some clarity on the information.

Added Sunday, June 2 2002
Well Ray Beadell has provided a host of photos, most will be found on a new Page The Past 5 in the Barling section. Also a new Page in the Great Wakering section as I could not really relate the photo with any other page. More up to Date, is the new page.
A special thank you to Ray for such a great bunch of additions, keep it up.

Added Wednesday, June 5 2002
This update starts with an apology to Dawn and David Bailey, they sent corrections and new photos but I misplaced them and now a month later they are finally inserted.
There are two new photos in Barling, The Past 5, supplied by Betty and sent by Dawn and David. Mrs Hoare's Class July 1953 has had corrections and additions, again from Dawn and David. Lastly via Dawn and David and with the help of Pearl, Arthur Beadle, Morris Christophers and Frank Wall, the Great Wakering Rovers photo has been corrected and many names added.

Added Monday, June 17 2002
David Dewberry  has joined out group and provided two 1927 photos that can be found at Lt Wakering History 3. On one is his Aunt as a small child.

Added Wedensday, June 19 2002
We welcome Cynthia Cummins who has made contact and also to thank her to resolving Picture No1 on our Barling mystery page. Maybe we can now move the picture to a more suitable location on the site.

Added Saturday, July 5 2002
Well we have a new page The Past 6 in the Barling sectionion. This is thanks to Ray Beadell and Hazel Clark (nee Wigg) who helped with the names. I have a particular interest in one photo added as it has my Dad in it.
There is also a new page in the Little Wakering section, The Beadell Family, I hope you both don't mind it being added. There are also two new photos in the Great Wakering Photos a little more up to date Page, these were from Ray.
It seems I am getting forgetful with all the updates I receive and as a result forgot to mention the two photos provided by Mrs. Sue Taylor, Head teacher Barling Primary School, these can be found in the Barling section The past 5. Thanks, and sorry for my memory loss.

Added Saturday, July 20 2002
Well we have just had the biggest update to date, the Reunion 2002. The photos were taken by Peter Griffiths and the names with the help of Dawn and David Bailey. Paul Robinson and others, have provided additional names to Mrs. Hoare’s Class 1953.

Added Saturday, September 14 2002
Peter has provided the Barling 1881 Census for us, he has put a great deal of work from the original document to one that could be converted to be placed on our Web site. A special thank you to Peter as I found my grandfather as a boarder in Barling.
Also added is a bit of a personnel photo of My Aunt Queenie with Lucy Witton whom I lived next door to for a number of years in Kimberley Road. This photo was taken by my cousin Richard a few weeks ago.

Added Thursday, November 21 2002
Paul Abercrombie has provided us with photos of the presentation to the the New Barling School of the proceeds of the Reunion 2002.Also one additional photo from Irene Webb's collection of the Webb Butchery, some years ago.

Added Saturday, December 7 2002
Today we have added quite a few memories, firstly for The Beadell Family, were you will find some family history of Mum & Dad and a sad reminder of Diana. Also provided by Ray is a new page with a few photos of Mr. Learmond, lastly two photos in The Past 6, Also added to The Past 6 is a photo provided by John Threadgold, this is a bit embarrassing as it is apparently my class, but I am missing along with Peter Carey, from the picture? (Could it have been truant.) 

Added Saturday, February 15 2003
Well over two months have elapsed since the last update, however it is my fault, there have been photos waiting almost since the last update, but time has been somewhat at a premium of recent times.
We have added another photo to Today in the Barling section, an up to the minute picture of Barbara Stride (nee Bush)
Ray Beadell has surpassed himself with his contribution to this update including a new page in the Great Wakering section, High St 1984, 14 photos taken down the length of the High Street from the Duck Pond to Little Wakering corner. Also from Ray a church procession to be found in Pictures from the past, Great Wakering section. Some photos taken in Kimberley Road, Little Wakering, to be found in History 3 , as well at Walton on the Naze. Finally  a photo and a Fixture list of the Barling Youth Club Football team for 1948-49, these are in Barling, Photographs from the Past 6.

Added Sunday, February 23 2003
A new page has been added to the Barling section, The past 7, there you will find a photo provided by June Claydon, via Paul Abercrombie, who I remember well from the shop at the entrance to Kimberley Road, "Domestic Stores".
Also added to the new Barling Page, The past 7, are four photos provided by Dawn and David Bailey of Barling School activities.
Dawn and David have also provided a number of correction and additions to the photos, these are as follows: - 
1). Great Wakering Secondary School Juniors 1957/8: 
Barling The past 1, a). Sports Day 1958, b). Sports Day 1954: 
3). Barling The past 2, a). The 3rd prize giving picture of 1954: 
Barling The past 4, a). Mrs Hoare’s Class 1953, b). Barling School Netball Team 1958/9, c). Barling School Infants Class c 1958/9, d) Mrs Hoare’s Class July 1953
A special thank you, to Dawn and David, for all the work that must have gone into all these updates

Add Sunday, 27 April 2003
One addition only this time, but an interesting one, plus a strange coincidence as to how we received. Extract from an Email from Ray Beadell.

"I recently made a visit to my wife Lois's mother at a residential home in Leigh-on-sea.
Whilst there I got chatting to a female resident, who happened to be looking at some photo's. She told me she once lived in Lt. Wakering Rd. next door to Billy +Rosina Bentall, hearing this I also looked at the photo's and came across the attached of Pendril, Arthur and William Bentall + the lady's son Graham Snow. Her name is Sybil Snow and she was married to George( deceased) Snow"
Thanks Ray. To got the new addition it is in Little Waking History 3

Added Thursday, 1 May 2003
Paul sent out an Email yesterday about the visit to the New Barling School, you can find the photos etc he spoke about at Barling Reunion 2003 Page 6 Please go and have a look at the guys relaxing after the visit. Thanks Paul for the information and photos.

Added Friday, 16 May 2003
In the Great Wakering session, The Past 1, a drawing of Great Wakering House or Doctors House, as many know it, has been added. This is thanks to Olive Bradbury, who provided the drawing and Peter Griffiths who scanned and sent it for insertion.

Also added today is a second picture of a fete in the 1940's, the photo is from a newspaper provided by Pauline Taylor, now living in Switzerland, she thinks it is 1949 but is not sure. Some people were identified by Pauline but I could not include them with the photo. So maybe Peter could provide us with a outline and we can then insert the name we think we know. If anyone recognizes anyone please send the details to Peter

Added Tuesday, 2 September 2003
Thanks to Dawn and David Bailey we have three somewhat older pictures of classes at Barling school, these can be found in the Barling section The Past 7. Any help in identifying anyone in these pictures will be appreciated.

Added Saturday, 27 October 2003
Three pictures have been added this time as well as a correction to one added on the last update were I call a gentlemen Mrs, by accident. 
Firstly one picture added to the Great Wakering section, The Past 1 and two to a new page in the Barling section, The Past 8.
We have Dawn and David Bailey to thank for the one in the Great Wakering section and Janet Murrell for the two in the Barling section, thank you all very much.

Added Sunday, 30 November 2003
Peter was going through Paul's photos and came across one with my father and several other men from Little Wakering. It has been placed in Lt Wakering History 3, with a request for help in naming the remaining people.

Added Saturday,5 March 2005
Well after a long absence, we are back and already I have received additional material for the site. However as the site is very different, from my point of view, and I am using new software to load and update, I will take things a little slowly at the beginning.
One picture, Old Post Office, has been added to Barling History 8, supplied by Vic Tharp, he has sent others, that can be found at Barling Reunion 2004 and Lt Wakering, Today.

Added Saturday,19 March 2005
There no additions, I have just changed the content of a few pages as they contained incorrect information.

Added Monday,21 March 2005
Vic Tharp have provided us, thanks to his sister Vera, with a photo from her class in 1924/28, exact date she does not remember. She has remember quite a few names, but we need some more, can anyone help? It can be found at Barling The Past 8.

Added Friday,21 March 2005

Linda Boreham nee Swain has provided us with some photos related to Great Wakering which have been added to Great Wakering The Past 1, Linda has just made contact with us.

Added Monday,28 March 2005
Linda Boreham has again sent some more pictures for us, they will be found at Great Wakering The Past 1. She has also sent some interesting information which she is going to produce, I hope, as a page or so that can be added to the web.

Added Saturday,9 April 2005
Dawn and David Bailey have managed to arrange some more interesting pictures for us, two are the Barling Brigands from Dawn's sister Pearl and are the Cup presentation, Sheelagh and Doris Chapman managed to identify most of the people. These pictures can be found at Barling The Past 8 , There is a larger picture of the group on Little Wakering, History 2 second picture from left. Also added is a picture at Great Wakering The Past1, of the Primary school 1953. This came from   Maureen Dyer (nee Mead), Lesley Marshall (nee Bailey) has kindly supplied us with the names. She says that the photograph was taken the year of the Floods when Foulness school children were placed in the Great Wakering School until their school was fit for use.

Added Wedensday,13 April 2005
Vic Tharp have provided us yet again with two incredible pictures related to Mr. Shepard, the pictures are dated about 1930. The names, only for the bottom picture were provided by Vera, Vic's sister. Barling The Past 8 will take you to their location.

Added Saturday,30 April 2005
Neil Punnett has made contact with the group and at the same time provided some names related to the Nativity Play in Barling The Past 1 Thanks Neil, always looking for the names of the people in the photos. We also have another name to the Sports day 1951 to be found at Barling The Past 3 Barbra herself spotted her presents in this picture.

Added Thursday,19 May 2005
First thanks to those who pointed out I had incorrectly directed links in two of the resent updates, I have corrected these.
Today a photo has been added to the Great Wakering School Page, this was sent by Dawn and David Bailey on behalf of
Patricia Robins (nee Forbes), who also supplied the names, however we need help to fill in the missing ones.

Added Sunday,22 May 2005
On the 11/12/2003 I received a photo from Ray Beadell it just disappeared. This afternoon I needed to refer to an Email about the same date and there to my surprise were the missing photos in a back-up CD.
So with apologies to Ray I am putting matters right at long last.
The photo from Ray is of the Old Barling Church Hall, close to Barling School, it has now been demolished, Ray's brother in law, Ivan Watts managed to get a picture just before it was no more.

Added Sunday,29 May 2005
A photo has been added to Barling The Past 1, a second Nativity, given by Vi SIVELL, nee MITCHELL to Peter at the Cherry Tree. We know no names or the date, all that was found was the Name Miss Riley written on the back, any help to identify would be appreciated.

Added Saturday,4 June 2005
We have Maureen Clark to thank for six new photos to be found at The Past Two. Maureen gave them to Peter who has forwarded them on, so they could be added to our site. We needs many names, as Maureen was only able to tell us where she was in the photos.

Added Friday,10 June 2005
The News letters, the missing two, plus the current have been added to the site. Also from Peter a picture of the Peculiar Peoples Chapel dated 1900 has been added to Great Wakering The Past Two.

Added Wedensday,15 June 2005
A new page has been added to the Barling Village, The Brown Family. The three photos were given to Dawn and David Bailey by Patricia Robbins (nee Forbes), a thank you to Patricia for such incredible photos for our villages web site.

Added Friday, 1 July 2005
Just been doing some cleaning up, no new photos or anything.

Added Friday, 18 September 2005
Added today is a double picture from a newspaper of 1940, it is of the Brown's farm. The picture is quite remarkable quality considering it's age. Also a correction to a football teams Name, which is now in Barling Village, The Rover Football 1950 should have been Barling Youth Club Football Team1950, this is thanks to Arthur Beadle who also provided names to this team and also the Picture of the Great Wakering Youth Club 1950. Also provided by Shirley Gates (nee Gregory) , further names for Great Wakering Primary School House cup 1955 and Great Wakering Netball Team 1957/8.

Added Friday, 29 October 2005
There are two additions today, a double for Great Wakering and a single for Little Wakering. The pictures have come via Dawn and David Bailey. The Great Wakering photos have a note from Dawn & David We are attaching two photos that Joyce (Cripps) Threadgold lent us that were given to her by the Adcock family.  Miss Goodman 1907 and School Sports 1922
The Little Wakering addition is of the Dam Farm, which has a brief history attached also provided by Dawn & David.

Added Saturday, 26 November 2005
Today we have added another Village, well really an Island, Foulness Island to our villages site. I believe there are many more pictures being prepared with names, with particular emphasis on the 1953 and after years. The first picture in the new Village is from Joyce Threadgold (nee Cripps) and send by Dawn and David Bailey, Foulness St Mary's Church School Group 1
Even the voice introduction is now wrong and will need to be changed.

Added Monday, 16 January 2006
The latest Small Beginnings has been added today, please have a read if you did not get your copy directly from Peter.

Added Friday, 20 January 2006
Five more photographs have been added to the Foulness Island Session, all provide by Geoffrey Hume. (Must be a great guy with a first name like that). They can be found on The past 1, of Foulness pages, many thanks to Geoffrey for adding to the Foulness village session. (Island)

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